Image by Thomas Park

Introducing Thomas Park's 'Dream Filter'

Just enter some text and press 'Prose Submit' or 'Poetry Submit'.

The code will render your text into a new, dreamlike version, and make it available for download.
The new version will not have the same narrative or temporal structure, and may include dream-like repetition.
Quite a bit of text can fit in the entry window-- scores of pages of it.
It is not the intention of this free service to create any lasting record(s) of your original text(s).
You retain rights to your text(s), and to the dream version(s), as well.
If you manipulate copywritten material, please be aware of any potential contractual issues that might be involved.

Note that submissions must be a minimum of several paragraphs or 50 or so lines in length to create a result.

You may contact Thomas Park directly at: . Thank you.